Static Caravan or Touring Caravan? Making the Right Choice


Buying a caravan is a fantastic investment that guarantees many years of fun for you and your family. It is a popular option not only for older couples, but increasingly for young families too. Despite the initial investment, caravan owners quickly recoup their costs when compared with the expense of flights and hotels. And, of course, the fun of a caravan holiday is priceless!

When you buy a caravan, you can choose either a static caravan or touring caravan. Let’s look at the differences, benefits and drawbacks of each.

Static caravans

As the name suggests, static caravans are rooted in one place. They range from the basic to luxurious and are ideal for people who enjoy a spacious and relaxed caravanning experience. You should choose a static caravan if there is a part of the country you are in love with and enjoy returning to time and again. With a static caravan you can enjoy all the benefits of a rural getaway at a fraction of the cost of a holiday property. The only disadvantage is that, once in place, it is difficult and expensive to move the caravan, so give your choice of location some careful consideration.

Touring caravans

For holidaymakers who enjoy the freedom of the open road, touring caravans are the best option. Touring caravans are towed behind a car and are available in different sizes, but are generally a lot smaller than static caravans. You can take a touring caravan to any number of excellent caravan sites across the UK, Europe and beyond, so are great for exploring. On the downside, space is often a premium in touring caravans. You will also need a sufficiently powerful car to tow your van, which may add additional costs.

Making your decision

There are dozens of different models available. The decision between a static caravan or touring caravan will ultimately come down to what sort of holiday experience you enjoy and what is best suited to your family. Take some time to browse the different models and chat to some knowledgeable experts before making an investment.