Try Something New This Summer

The summer is fast approaching and soon it’ll be time to start planning your holidays and little getaways to make this summer a memorable one.

If you’re tired of the same old trips and visits then why not mix it up a bit and go for something completely different this year.


Holidaying in the UK is becoming more and more popular and it’s no wonder with the array of fascinating places to visit and things to see. With this in mind, why not select a few destinations in the UK that appeal to you and visit them.

One way you could visit a few destinations and see them all in style would be caravanning. You could buy or rent a motorhome or caravan and take your hotel with you wherever you decide to explore.

The motorhome/caravan gives you the freedom to go wherever you like without worrying about hotels which allows an exciting spontaneity to your holiday.

So much fun can be had when caravanning as you have the freedom to travel to some fascinating places. Just park up and go exploring anywhere you like before heading to a caravan site which you will find all over the country. Sit outside and admire the stars and tranquillity of the wilderness before retiring to your caravan for a much needed night sleep.

When it’s time for a change

I’m sure we’ve all had that experience where the same thing year in, year out just gets a bit too repetitive and leaves you screaming out for a change of scenery.

This can be the case with holidays especially when the holiday stems from something you own.

If you have a holiday home, a caravan or canal boat you feel you need to make the most of them by planning your holiday around them. This can be absolutely fine for many years but sometimes you need a change of scenery.

Maybe you loved your caravan or motorhome when the kids were young but now it never gets used and you hate to see the thing that brought your family such happy memories sit picking up dust on your drive.

However, the thought of getting rid of your beloved second home on wheels can be somewhat depressing. Maybe you’re worried the state it’s in will mean it’s heading for the scrap and you don’t want to see that happen.

Well fear not because the team at Leisure Vehicle Buyers are passionate about motorhomes and caravans so you can be confident that your pride and joy will be getting a good home.

Don’t worry about the condition of your motorhome or caravan because the team at Leisure Vehicle Buyers are trained to make them new again.

Getting rid of your motorhome or caravan can seem like a daunting task. Will anyone want it? How much should I charge? How will I get it to them?

With Leisure Vehicle Buyers you can receive a free valuation and they will even come and collect it from you, free of charge.

Getting rid of your caravan doesn’t have to be a struggle, get in touch with Leisure Vehicle Buyers today for a stress free process.